A Life of Dreams

As a child I wanted to be a swordfighter, an archer, and a daring adventurer. My heroes were Zorro, Peter Pan, The Black Fox from Danny Kaye’s Court Jester, and of course Robin Hood. I turned almost any straight stick into a play sword and I fashioned terrible bows from yarn and branches. When I was old enough to use my dad’s tools I made my own swords and armed the neighborhood kids. I frequently lead those kids in mock battles. I still had one of those swords when I married and moved to live with my husband.

Throughout school I was constantly frustrated that girls were expected to wear cute little pink dresses and have perfectly coiffed hair all the time. I wasn’t a filthy ruffian by any means but I liked to be able to play. Little pink dresses simply got in the way. While girls my age suffered through tea time and Barbie, I was using roasting sticks like spears and screwdrivers like daggers. I spent hours by the creek in our neighborhood adventuring, usually coming home drenched but all smiles. I remember my ever patient mother despairing at the state of my shoes and having to buy a second pair because invariably one was always wet.

As I matured I turned to books to seek adventure. Robin Hood again, but also the Three Musketeers, (D’artagnan is a jerk) The Count of Monte Cristo, all things Arthur and Camelot, and, the best of all, The Scarlet Pimpernel.

When I graduated High School at 17, there was this guy that I thought was so cool. He had found a fencing group and had been going for a while. He invited me to come on a Friday night. I thought that sounded like a piece of heaven so I went, and fell in love. I joined the Order of the Rose and found a meaning for my Rose there. Over time the guy left the picture but the fencing stayed. It was a chance to live my dreams from younger years. That is not something that many people get to do. I count myself very lucky that I didn’t have to sacrifice my dreams for reality. I get to do both.

I love Terrasylvae. I love them for taking me in. I love them for accepting me back after a few years of not being able to come. I love them for loving my husband and children. I love the people there. No group of people makes me work so hard or laugh so much. I love the fencing. I love Woodland. I feel like I’m surrounded by family and home when I’m there. I want to pass that on to all who come to us, however they come. I want Terrasylvae to be a place we can live our worthiest dreams and make them a reality. I love Terrasylvae, I love the Order of the Rose.