A Rose of Valor

Each new tabard that is made for members of the group must be initiated before it is officially considered part of the Order of the Rose uniform. We do this through a Fight of the Tabard, where every Swordsman who can wear a tabard stands together on the field and fights all other fighters to the last man. This symbolizes the unity and camaraderie of the Swordsman Rank. Before the Fight of the Tabard, we present bearer of the tabard their Rose in the Rose Ceremony.

The Rose Ceremony is my favorite ceremony to be a part of because it focuses in on what drives us as individuals. Each Swordsman’s driving force is represented by the Rose worn on the left shoulder of their tabard. Each fighter carries with him or herself a Rose all unique with their own set of virtues and traits. That Rose is unique to each Swordsman and symbolizes what they personally stand and fight for, which should always guide a Swordsman’s actions, both on and off the field. For example, my Rose represents Valor.

A Rose of Valor

Valor has always stood out to me as something I should strive for. The word itself has a variety of different connotations. You can compare it synonymously to words like “courageous,” “intrepid,” “dauntless,” “bold,” or just plain “brave” – all of which mean “having or showing no fear when faced with danger or difficulty.”

“Brave” is the most straightforward of these, implying a lack of fear in alarming or difficult circumstances. “Courageous” carries a sense of stout-hearted resolution, while “intrepid” suggests downright daring in confronting peril. “Dauntless” suggests determination and resolution. “Bold” typically indicates a forward or defiant tendency.

To me, it also means “going above and beyond what is asked or expected.” It’s a strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to live with firmness andpersonal bravery. Valor also brings to mind a sense of tact and wisdom because “discretion is the better part of valor.” No matter how Valor is interpreted, I strive to be considered valiant in all of my actions and deeds.

2 thoughts on “A Rose of Valor”

  1. Indomitability, good luck saying that one. I try to win and preform all actions with an unstoppable force of sheer will power that makes it so I can’t be overcome, hence making Sylas an Ulfhednar.

  2. I value Chivalry above all else. I am deeply disgusted by those who ignore Chivalry… and am offended by those who act contrary to chivalry. However, I believe that fights where chivalry is intentionally overlooked ( such as Pirate Week) can be fun, but I often stay Chivalrous anyway, as it matters that much to me.

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