About Iron Thorn

Our Four Important Principles Safety Fencing, like many other sports, can be dangerous if not enjoyed safely.  That’s why the first thing we impress upon people is how to be Safe.  After all, we only want to stab our friends, not actually hurt them!  We believe careful consideration for ourselves and others is essential both in … Read More

Iron Thorn

Pick up your sword and shield Practices occur every last Saturday of the Month (March-September) with the exception being the last practice of the season occurring on the first Saturday of November (October is a busy month for Terrasylvae). Practices are at Woodland Park from 3:00 PM-6:00 PM. Practices start with opening announcements then proceed … Read More

Iron Thorn Courses

Beginner Courses – For students who hold the rank of RECRUIT Intermediate Courses – For students who hold the rank of PAGE Advanced Courses – For students who hold the rank of Lancepesade

Sword and Shield Beginner Course (Iron Thorn Manual 1st Edition)

Sword and Shield (also known as Arming Sword) was the typical fighting style since the sword was first invented for warfare and remained so until shields began to be phased out and the Side Sword with Cut-and-Thrust fencing was developed in place of the Arming Sword (Bronze Age-Late 15th Century).