Longsword Advanced Course (Iron Thorn Manual 1st Edition)

Longsword Advanced Course (Iron Thorn Manual 1st Edition)

Murder Stroke

The murder stroke or Mordhau, as it is commonly referred to by historians and some modern swordsmen, was a German technique designed to combat armored opponents. The murder stroke is conducted by flipping the sword around, gripping the blade and using the hilt as a blunt weapon similar to a warhammer or mace. THIS TECHNIQUE WILL NOT BE USED WITH STEEL! It is only legal with the use of polymer weapons with plastic hilts (see figures).


Typically it is said that all longsword fights ended in a wrestle (as it is German). Grappling is a technique used in close quarters longsword to gain control of the fight. The first form of grappling is to grapple the handle and use your strength against your opponent. The second is to grab the blade in an attempt to control and gain the advantage. Coinciding with sport rule, using one’s hand to control the opposing blade is acceptable so long as the blade is not grabbed. Another grapple is if an opponent misses a strike, allowing you to subdue his or her arms and deliver an attack. Final grappling technique is used in grabbing the crossguard and controlling the opposing sword while an attack is made, this may also allow for disarming an opponent (see Disarming) (see figures).


Disarming was a coming technique from grappling in longsword fencing to remove an opponent’s sword and in essence winning the fight. Techniques for disarming an opponent can only occur in close quarters. The first is grappling the hilt and pulling out of your opponents hands, however a more effective way to disarm is twisting your opponent’s blade through a grapple in order to cause them to lose their grip, allowing you to claim the blade (see figures).