Fencing Practice: April 30, 2021

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Melee

This will be the first week of our teaching experiment. Novices please remember as you finish your lessons to come to Evanlyn to request your next lesson. If you’re not at practice to request your next lesson, then contact Evanlyn before Monday so we can publish the event on time, and give teachers plenty of time to prepare. (This week come to Shay to request lessons.)

Please read your lesson before you come. It really helps. 🙂

After lessons, we have an awesome opportunity to learn all together from our Master Swordsmen how to be better melee fighters. Damian has several small classes and melee challenges for us. It’s going to be a fun and skill-improving night.



Get Connected

This Lesson experiment is a great opportunity for our group. The students are going to learn better and the teachers are going to grow, and hopefully have some really great experiences too. We would love for more of our swordsmen to get connected with us on BAND so that you can help us teach. If you aren’t on BAND please download it on your phone or sign up on your computer. You can request to join Terrasylvae, or you can ask an officer or Sage to send you an invite link. Evanlyn needs this information so she can request in the group chat for lessons each week. Thank you!


We are doing our first bracket draw for Bipedal Hominids! We will also be drawing for our first Horrors Uncategorized debate. We will need a couple of volunteers for Cryptids debaters the night of May 7. If you know you’re going to be there and would like to do some fancy oration please let Shay know and she will set you up with a well-written Cryptids bio by Lorcan.

Extra Melee Day (Hooray!)

For our May Masters School we are extending the day to play some of the new melees that we created back in March, and any other melees you feel like playing. Stay tuned for a firm start time but save the date May 15.

Stag Tourney & Bake Sale

We are so excited about this! Order of the Rose is hosting its first all men’s tourney on June 5. Our male fighters are top-notch and classy to boot. This will be a great competition! We will determine the best start time this week during fencing. So gents look at your calendar for that day and see when works best for your schedule.

We will also be hosting a Bake Sale during the tourney. So get ready to trot out your fancy cooking, baking, and decorating. And don’t forget cash on the day. There are some amazing chefs in this group! Even if you’re not fighting, or bringing a contribution, still come to watch and eat. This will likely be a highlight of the year.

Shay’s Thoughts

Oh, there is so much good stuff going on right now! We have our teaching experiment. Thank you so much to our awesome teachers in advance. You guys make Order of the Rose last for one more generation. Cryptids is starting up. Our artists and volunteers are making this crazy fun theme a reality. There is just no way one person could do all this alone. I just love our group!

For this week we have this awesome melee night with our Master Swordsmen. I’m pretty excited about it. My thoughts on that are: I strongly encourage you to participate as much as possible. Even if you think you know everything you can help those to the right and to the left of you learn. There is always something to learn in melees. Order of the Rose has always had a good reputation for excellent melee prowess. Let’s keep that tradition strong. Love you guys!