Fencing Practice: August 20, 2021

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Open

This week is an Open Practice. Open Workshop for Students and Formal Time for Swordsmen.

After Edward and Evanlyn are going to do some dueling with us.

Then we have ceremonies! Bring Tabards


  • Newcomers: As Needed
  • Initiates: Open Workshop
  • Novices: Open Workshop
  • Swordsmen: Formal Time


Cryptids Debate

We are doing our second to last debate between the Poltergeist and the ROUS’s. If you’d like to be part of the debate please let Shay know. Also, bring your dollar to buy your ribbon!

Woodland War

August 27th and 28th. It’s going to be Crypti-awesome!


We are welcoming two new Swordsmen into the ranks Friday, so bring tabards for the ceremony.

Shay’s Thoughts

Y, Your Rose

I feel like I talk about this so much that I thought I’d already written this article! I had to filter through my articles to make sure. But I haven’t, so I’m glad that I get to.

What is a Rose?

Besides being a beautiful flower, to us, it is an ideal that you believe in and strive to become. It is what you’re willing to fight for on and off the field.

How do I decide my Rose?

That process is individual. There are some experiences in life that no one can teach you. I find those to be the most rewarding learning experiences.

What I can tell you is that discovering mine didn’t happen all at once. For me, it started as a feeling the day I took my Swordsman oath. Slowly I was able to put that feeling into a short phrase. ‘To do right.’ As I started to actively try to live that phrase, it developed and became a whole concept. As I pondered on it more and more, and as I attempted to project it into my everyday experiences, I eventually was able to write it all out in a few short sentences. And that is what I quote when asked.

Why do we emphasize this so much?

Because this is what makes us Swordsmen. Not that you have to be a Swordsman to begin working on your Rose. You can start anytime. Please do. But this is what makes us the Modern Swordsmen we are trying to be. The Four Levels of Important are important. They are what makes us a company. A company is made up of individuals. Your Rose is what makes up you. Like how the individual petals combined make the flower. All of this doesn’t just happen. We as individuals manifesting our roses as citizens make it happen. And when we all bring what we have together, we make something awesome.

I’ve been a fencer for more than half my life now. That is a long time to commit to something. It’s more than all my years of schooling. Longer than any friendship, except that of my sweet husband. The only other two things I’ve been a part of longer than fencing are my religion and my family. The reason I’ve been able to do this is because of my Rose. I believe in it, and strive to be it. It sustains me in my fencing journey. My Rose stabilizes my whole life really. It gives me purpose in every situation I find myself in. It gives me direction when I’m faced with conflicts, choices, and overwhelming circumstances. I’m willing to fight for it, I’m willing to live for it. For me, my Rose is the core of my being. It is my Why.

If more people would find a noble ideal to embody in their lives in this way we could influence the world for the better. For ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the future.

So, be SHASY.