Fencing Practice: June 11, 2021

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Melee: Cryptids – Myths and Legends

With it being summer the light is lasting longer so we are going to shift our set up to the lower end of the Middle Field.

Students, please read your lessons before you come. Follow the links. This will become increasingly important throughout the rest of the season as we focus on helping you learn how to own your own journey in fencing.

Swordsmen, thank you for your participation in last week’s challenges and Student Assistance. This week will be a truly open Workshop for you. You are welcome to explore whatever suits your fancy. As Students finish up their lessons they would greatly benefit from your expertise if you are willing.

And then CRYPTIDS!



Congrats! And Thank You!

The Stag Tournament went off beautifully! Our gentlemen had a fierce, and well-fought, competition in which Lorcan came out Champion. Congrats to him! The Bake Sale was a smashing success thanks to Miren and Evanlyn’s efforts and those of all our bakers. Thank you, Miren, Kane, Becky, Ladrona, Don, Luna, Rhiannon, Zarka, and Evanlyn. Your contributions were both beautiful, and delicious. If you haven’t seen pictures of the day check them out on BAND.

Debate Ribbons

Hey, we are doing a Cryptids Debate this week between the Cockatrice and the Siren. Bring a dollar or two to purchase Vote for Me Ribbons which you can wear all night in support of the clearly superior Cryptid. 🙂

Order of the Rose and Remind

Remind has been a great tool for sending out weekly reminders for practice for the Company. Now that BAND fills that function we are planning on not using it in the future. You will continue to receive Remind texts through the month of June from the Company but after that Order of the Rose will send out and final details regarding practice through BAND.


If you forgot last week, please bring June Fees of 5$ this week to practice to be submitted through our fantastic exchequer Edward. If you renewed your Shire membership please let Edward know. We truly appreciate your fees. This helps the company continue.

Terrasylvae Camp Juggling Class

Shay would like to remind those who signed up for the juggling class at Terrasylvae Camp to please bring their 5$ this Friday. She will have your sets for you. You will receive them if when you pay, not before.

Hey, We moved to the Field

Just in case you skimmed above. Now, through the rest of the summer, we are meeting in the lower end of the field of Middle Woodland. Camp chairs and blankets are advisable.

Shay’s Thoughts

I loved what happened last week with our first day New Comers getting paired off with Swordsmen, and then having all of the New Comers get called on to talk about their ‘deepening your well’ experience. Promise honest I didn’t plan that. The fate of the cards gave us that bit of fantastic fun. There is something wonderful about the enthusiasm of a New Comer. The light in their eyes as they pick up a sword for the first time; watching them learn those first blocks and the excitement they get when they do it right. They are so hopeful and interested. I love that!

That was cool, but after I finished geeking out about that, realized a second bit of awesomeness that made me so proud to be the Captain of this Company. Every Swordsman that worked with a New Comer, made those Newcomers feel awesome. They each taught them something that deepened the Newcomers well of learning while also making them feel welcomed. That is fantastic! Our Swordsmen sharing their personalized little tips and tricks, and showing how they are done is just awesome! I love it. Please keep it up.

I love you all! Be SHASy!