Fencing Practice: March 26, 2021

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Open

This week Damian is planning our activity time. Which is always an awesome experience! In order to give him time, and light we are switching the order of practice. Lessons for New Comers will happen between 7-8, Open Workshop for Students, and Formal Time for Swordsmen will also take place during that time.

Students for your Open Workshop time please consider reviewing and working on the lessons you received in the last two weeks.

Swordsmen this will be a good opportunity to work with the Master Swordsmen, or to help the Students.


  • Newcomers: As Needed
  • Initiates: Open Workshop
  • Novices: Open Workshop
  • Swordsmen: Formal Time With Master Swordsmen / Open Workshop


Thank you!

At the end of Practice last week I totally forgot to thank Lorcan and Isolde for planning and running activity time. They did a nice job on that, thank you very much both of you! And I look forward to playing the new scenarios you all created!


Hey BAND Beta testers, Kane sent out a request for you to check out, I’m curious about it too. If you haven’t checked BAND out since you installed it, this is a great week for feedback. Thanks for helping us get this up and running. I really feel like it is going to be better for the group.

Shay’s Thoughts

I have been pondering on point control this week. Ever since I was little I have this thing I like to do, and it’s silly, but I think it’s just the born sword fighter in me. I almost always have to touch things as I’m passing by. Not everything. Just things that stick out. Signposts are a particular addiction of mine. The little ball that hangs down in the garage to indicate where the car should park when pulling in, is fun. I like that one because it swings. Door handles, decorative corners, fence posts… Please tell me I’m not alone.

Anyway, this got me thinking about point control. Particularly where my wrist, and the first finger knuckle that is closest to my wrist, arc through the motion of touching things. I mean there are some super complex body mechanics going on, but I don’t typically think ‘ok how do I move 75% of my upper body muscles to reach out and touch that.’ I just do it. But as I was knocking about the parking indicator ball this morning I basically just pointed at it and touched it.

Stick with me. I know our first, and sometimes second, finger(s) are wrapped around the quillion and lower portion of the tang when we are fencing, so controlling the points of our swords isn’t exactly like reaching out and touching something. But it is pretty close. That arc of wrist and first knuckle are pretty identical. The rest of our upper body mechanics are going to have to compensate for the weight of the sword, hand eye coordination is going to have to adjust for range to target etc… But maybe, try to think for a little bit this week, about point control as simply reaching out and touching something.

Let me know at practice how you get on with it. Maybe I’m crazy? Maybe this could really work for you? Let’s find out. Love ya!