Fencing Practice: May 28, 2021

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Open / Cryptids

We are swapping the order of practice again to give Cryptids as much light as we can. So we will have debates between the Hag and Hellcat right at 6. Then we will finish up our Bipedal Hominids with a hidden object hunt, a ship-to-ship battle, a treasure chest dig, and a double storming of the castle. That is FIVE awesome melees!

Afterward we will have Open Workshop. So come with something to work on. This is going to be a fun week!


  • Newcomers: As Needed
  • Initiates: Open Workshop
  • Novices: Open Workshop
  • Swordsmen: Formal Time with Master Swordsmen or Open Workshop



Hey, we need to take some pictures of the Company for various and sundry reasons this week. So dress up and bring your tabard. We will take some pics throughout the night. Thank you!


Since it is a Cryptids night we are holding our debates again which means there will be a chance to vote for your preferred Horror Cryptid. Bring a dollar or two to purchase a ribbon so you can wear it throughout the night. Also Cryptids t-shirts. And all the Shire t-shirts!

Stag Tourney

This is coming up quick folks, Gents, get ye a favor. Ladies come dressed to the 9’s. All who will bring a baked good to sell. And all, all bring your cash to buy said baked goods! June 5, 2021, 10 AM.

New Seneschal

Hey if you missed it we have a new Seneschal of Terrasylvae: Ul’vade! Congrats to him, and a big thank you too! And a massive thank you to our outgoing Seneschal, Damian. Thank you for your many years of dedication, sacrifice, love, and service. You’re freaking awesome!

Shay’s Thoughts

Once the fencing season starts it feels like a crazy mad dash for eight months. We have so many wonderful events, and I have a terribly hard time saying no to almost any activity in the Shire. All of those events take planning, and preparing beforehand, and clean up, and thinking about after. Every now and then I get an opportunity to stop for just a second and look at what we are doing as a group. The preparing and planning are all done and I just get to be part of something.

I had a moment like that Saturday night at the Birthday Feast. Wow! What a feast! I got to sit at the head table for Order of the Rose’s 20th Birthday and celebrate the Shires 22nd Birthday too. As I looked around at our group I was so impressed. We do some super cool stuff. It was a real privilege for me to sit there with many of you and just enjoy this amazing community we have built. I felt so full of happiness and love. I was so grateful.

I hope you will take the opportunity to find those quite moments amid the hustle and bustle of Terrasylvan life, and live them. Happy Birthday Terrasyvae, may you have many more happy years!