Fencing Practice: May 7, 2021

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Open

We are reversing the order of Practice this week to use the light for the Cryptids Melees. Lessons for any Newcomers will still take place at 6, but Open Workshop for both Students and Swordsmen will happen around 8.

Students during your Open Workshop we will take time to plan your practice next week. So come with dueling-focused ideas for what you would like the group to do during activity time from 7-8:30pm.


Due to diminishing belief in fantastical beasts and unexplained phenomena, Cryptids from around the globe are seeking refuge in the few remaining bastions of magic and hope. Woodland is one such haven for these outcasts, misfits, and vagabonds.

With so many Cryptids and tribes of unusual creatures moving in, it has become a logistical nightmare! Mermaids and Sirens compete for the souls of men. Banshees and Poltergeists quarrel loudly over territory. Bullheaded men and men-headed bulls rampage indiscriminately! They need a Monarch (and likely an epic civil service) to bring order to the chaos. Naturally, they have agreed that the best Cryptid should rule. And, like civilized beasts, they have decided that a tournament will best resolve the mystery of who is the greatest and most worthy to reign.

Now, as not all Cryptids are the same, they have been sensibly organized into types of Cryptids, or Brackets: Bipedal Hominids, Horrors Uncategorized, Myths and Legends, and Sea Creatures Lake Monsters and Wyrms in General. Between the first of May and the end of August, 8 cryptids from each of these Brackets will hold a qualifying tournament to determine a bracket champion. This champion will represent them in the Cryptid Finals Tournament at Woodland War. (August 27-28).

Our Horrors Uncategorized Champion will be determined through a series of debates that will take place via proxy Terrasylvan debaters at the beginning of each Cryptids night. You will have the opportunity to buy ribbons in favor of your preferred Cryptid, which you can proudly wear to declare your allegiance. So bring a dollar (or two if you’re a set collector) to buy a ribbon and stump for your candidate!

What does this have to do with you? These remarkable creatures need your help! They do not know the trails and warrens of Woodland. They don’t know how to live side by side with us. And they have never had to truly compete among themselves. They need us to guide them, to work alongside them engendering comradery and mutual toleration. And, they need us to balance the odds. After all, how is a Kraken supposed to fight a Capture the Flag battle against a Yeti? So come join us in a Tournament of Cryptids, and may they best Cryptid win!

Round one of Bipedal Hominids

  • Grey King v. Shadow People – MVP
  • Golem v. Chromandi – Capture the Flag
  • Vampire v. Aswang – All Slaughter
  • Yeti v. Boogeyman – Hidden Object

Debate of Horrors Uncategorized

  • Poltergeist, represented by Ul’vade v. Banshee, represented by Lorcan


  • Newcomers: As Needed
  • Initiates: Open Workshop / Student Day Planning
  • Novices: Open Workshop / Student Day Planning
  • Swordsmen: Open Workshop



We are saving your requested lessons for next week.


Be on time, geared up and warmed up. We will begin the debate promptly at 6, fights to follow immediately after.

Student planned practice

Open Workshop at 8ish will be dedicated to planning for this. Come with Dueling activity ideas

Master School / Extended Melee Day

May 15, 2021, 9-11am will be Masters School, 11am-1pm play melees to our hearts content. Woot!

Stag Tourney and Bake Sale

June 5, 2021, 10am. Gents come ready to fight sporting a favor. Ladies come dressed to impress. Those so inclined, bring a baked good to contribute to the sale. Everyone bring cash to enjoy the treats. I hear there will be Lembas bread… and perhaps a handful of special Shay breads too. It will be epic!

Shay’s Thoughts

Oh, my goodness is this event announcement over yet? Fricking heck! It’s so long! Almost there. I promise. I have a challenge for you:


Step 1: Take a minute, look at your fencing goals. If you don’t have one, set one. Skill is one of our values in this group.

Step 2: Look at what you’re doing. Both during practice, and out of practice. On and off the field.

Step 3: Honestly answer yourself this question: ‘do my actions actively help me reach my goals?’

Step 4: If your answer was no, either update your goal or commit to change your actions. Including asking for help if you need it.

Take the challenge, it’s worth it. Love you all! See you at Cryptids!