Fencing Practice: October 2, 2020

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Dueling

This week we are resuming our regular schedule of classes and week types. As a reminder Students, please read the lesson before class so you can more fully participate.

For the activities time our Sergeants are going to lead us through some dueling focused activities to help refine our skills, and get us thinking, and problem solving. We will be doing some skill focused bear pits, discussions, and games.

This practice will go great for you if you come with a question you’re interested in discovering answers for, or a project you’re working on.




The conclusion of Warlords was epic! Isolde and team pulled back from last place to win the game! Well done, and many congratulations. And thank you again to Damian for all the work.

Also a hearty congratulations to the Butterfly Tourney winners! In Rangers: Tilly, in Iron Thorn: Wren, and in Order of the Rose: Evanlyn. Well done ladies.

Terrasylvan Women are so awesome!

End of Season

Hey the end of the season is coming up quick. I thought I’d give you a quick overview so you can be prepared.

  • October 2, Week Type: Dueling, new month begins, fees are due.
  • October 9, Week Type: Melee, bring tabards we are doing a fight of the tabard!
  • October 16, Week Type: Open
  • October 17, Masters School 9 AM, everyone welcome, we are doing a Melee focused day
  • October 23, Week Type: Open, back by popular request, Halloween Games
  • October 30, Week Type: Open, Torchlight Tourney to conclude the 2020 season

Feedback is Appreciated

As we prepare for the next season we would like to know what kind of content is helpful. Specifically this week we are asking: what kind of written content is helpful? We would like to devote our energies to what you’d actually like, want, and need. Please take a moment to let us know what you like (or don’t like) in the comments below. Thank you!

Shay’s Thoughts

When I took the Captain’s Oath I gave my word that I would ‘strengthen the company and dedicate myself to those with in it.’ I’ve done some serious thinking about that for the last two years. I know this will be vaguely familiar to some, for the rest of you I want you to know that I have four goals as Captain. I truly believe these four things will best strengthen the Order of the Rose right now, and in the future. In the background I have been quietly working on them. After reflecting upon a conversation I had Friday night, I realized I haven’t voiced many of my thoughts out loud to the Company, or at least not often enough to be obvious. I believe that if you can understand these goals you’ll be able to see why I do the things I do, and the way I do them will make sense.

So here are my four goals with their ‘so that’ statements, so that 😉 you all can see why I do the things I do.

Vision and Goals

  • Count all the noses, so that people feel, and are cared for.
  • Train leaders, so that the Company, and its ideals, last beyond us.
  • Train teachers, so that both teachers and students are fulfilled.
  • Help people light a fire within themselves, so that they own their own journey.

I strongly believe that these four things will strengthen the Company now and ensure its continuation into a bright future. This is what I’m working on all the time. I’m going to be a little bit more obvious about this in future, because I really believe in it, but also because I’d love your help. We have many caring people in our group that can help “count noses.” We have skilled leaders, and teachers, and all of us have been students, so we can learn from each other what makes for a good learning experience. And, most importantly, I want to know what inspires you. I want to help you light, and stoke, those fires within, so that you feel encouraged to make the most out of your fencing journey. Thanks!

1 thought on “Fencing Practice: October 2, 2020”

  1. TL;DR: I want more people to write their perspective down and I believe in lighting a fire within yourself.

    When it comes to written content, I’m a huge advocate for it! I believe that writing things down not only allows us to better define the knowledge/wisdom/expertise we’ve developed but also makes it easier to share and spread that knowledge around.

    I love (and need) more opportunities for discussion around what other’s think and their perspective.

    As for Shay’s goals, the final goal resonates with me a lot. I’ve been thinking a lot about candles and how a candle’s flame is never reduced when shared with another. I want to share my fire.

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