Fencing Practice: September 25, 2020

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Open

This week is the epic conclusion of Warlords! There will be a final push to gain or retain lands, one final opportunity to use advantages and game cheats, and the final glorious battles for ultimate Woodland domination! Wahoo! Best of luck to all the Warlords and their teams. And a huge thank you to Damian for hosting this year’s theme amidst nearly impossible conditions. Well done Damian!


  • Newcomers: Upon Request
  • Initiates: Upon Request
  • Novices: Upon Request
  • Swordsmen: Upon Request



This is the final week we are offering lessons at 5. If you’re interested please have your request into Evanlyn by Thursday. Please be early to warm up. Latecomers will not receive lessons.

Butterfly Tourney

Saturday is the Shire’s second annual Butterfly Tourney for all the ladies of Terrasylvae. The Fencing tournament will be around 1pm-ish. All fencers who are at least an initiate are welcome to join the tourney. If you need to borrow gear for the tourney please do so Friday night, after you’ve checked with Shay. If you won’t be there Friday night but would like to borrow gear anyway, contact Shay for a pick-up time during the week.

Torch Light Tourney

The end of the season is coming up fast! Mark your calendars for October 30, 6 pm for our annual Torchlight Tourney. It’s part of our regular Friday nights but start asking off work, and planning to be on time now. This is one of the best events all year, the ambiance is fantastic and the fighting top-notch. Renald, last year’s champion, will be hosting this year’s festivities, and he is planning a great format. This event is always super fun, we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Shay’s Thoughts

The culture we have of sharing freely what we have, and what we know, in this group, is one of the things I most admire and love about us. It also ensures the longevity of our group, because our knowledge will outlive any one individual. The more we share, learn, and grow together, the better off we all are, and the better off the future will be. It’s a hopeful and bright prospect!

This stood out to me over the weekend. I got in a conversation with our amazing Trainer, Evanlyn, about how to help teachers with better resources next year, Kane, Miren and Edward were all there too, which was great. That is a pile of good teachers! I voiced a need that I think teachers in our group have, Kane, leaned over to Evanlyn and said he would send her a video that might address that need. Which was the perfect order of things. He, a swordsman, went to the Trainer on a training topic. So good. Anyway, I asked to be let in on it, so Evanlyn sent it to me after she watched it. It was such a great video on Teaching and learning. It was remarkably uplifting and forward-thinking too. It taught me a few things and left me feeling inspired.

I wouldn’t have had that experience unless people had shared. So I was very grateful they did.

Miren pointed out to me later in the conversation that there is a case to be made for not oversharing, or giving unwanted advice. We have all been in that situation where too many people had an opinion about something we are working on and it feels like the whole world is shouting at us. It’s very overwhelming. Let’s make sure the sharing in our group stays out of the realm of overwhelming or unwanted information. But this is another thought that I wouldn’t have had unless Miren shared it with me. And I’m so glad she did.

Let us keep this culture of sharing alive! Giving invests us in, and strengthens our community. It is a binding form of Citizenship.