How to File a Sword

Filing your sword clean of dents, nicks and burrs

This Tutorial shows how to file your sword clean of dents, nicks, and burrs. In the video, Veron and Ja’ika, show us what kind of metal damage on blades we want to eliminate so that we can fight safely without cutting our opponents clothes or skin. They teach us what kind of file to use, and how to remove unwanted material correctly.

There are a plethora of file types, grades, cuts, and weights, out there. The size and coarseness of files are directly related. The bigger the rougher, the smaller the finer. If you are buying one for your personal sword care kit, look for a: rectangular, blunt, flat, single cut, light file, between 8-10 inches. You are also welcome to borrow the one in the sword care kit.

As a reminder always file in a single direction, and be careful not to file a live edge on to your sword when removing unwanted material. When you are finished filing run an ungloved hand along the edges of the blade as a final check.