How to Tape a Sword Tip

This tutorial shows one way of attaching a blunt to a weapon.

In the video, I talked about the kind of tip you need to use. There are several different websites that sell these tips. From experience, cheaper is not better. A good quality tip from a trusted manufacture is worth the cost. They last longer and are safer. If you need suggestions on where to purchase feel free to contact me.

As far as hockey tape goes, I purchased mine on-line and specifically got a type without perforated edges. I’ve used several different brands and it doesn’t seem to matter too much which brand you choose. I like thicker tape as a personal preference. It’s made of fabric and the description will let you know the thread count. In my opinion higher is better. You could ask a hockey player what they think. Both types self adhere, I feel that the thicker stuff does it a little better.