Scola Metallorum Rapier Training Manual

The following is an introductory excerpt from the Scola Metallorum Rapier Training Manual as authored by Lord Randal The Malcontent (Randal Ames) and other members of the Blue Company in the Outlands. You can download the full manual using the attachment link below.
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This manual is dedicated to enriching individuals interested in SCA Style Rapier Combat.

We will focus on basic principles that we have found lead to successfully killing your opponent without getting killed. We will give our philosophy about dueling, our approach to training, our mindset for combat and the positive results gleaned from the field (meaning we’re alive and they are dead!).

Some of this book is based on facts: physics, anatomy, testing, and pure mathematical modeling.

Some of this book is based on our experiences (which are subjective, true) but probably factual: in other martial arts, during real fights/combat, on the field within the SCA parameters.

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