Fencing Training

The Order of the Rose Training Manual

They designed the Order of the Rose to be a company open to anyone who wants to learn how to fence, without fear of ridicule or judgement. Today we maintain that tradition by welcoming safe, honorable, fun-loving people who desire to become skilled swordsmen or women.

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What is a Tournament Experience?

A Tournament Experience is a unique experience because it really depends on each and every one of us. If we can come together and work towards having a tournament experience, we can all walk away with the memories of a wonderful and exciting event!

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Kane’s Katas

With some focused study, a lot of help, and a couple hours in front of the computer, I present Kane’s Katas: A Series of Zines.

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Helpful Guide for Swordsmen

I Made It! Now What? If you compare the fencing ranks to school years, you’ll hopefully notice the following: Newcomer = Elementary school (you learned what you got yourself into)

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How to Analyze a Fight

Learning to analyze a fight is a crucial skill for every fencer. We can all benefit from breaking a fight down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

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