Fencing Training

Training Announcement

We would like to give students more opportunities to progress and receive the lessons they are most looking forward to. To that end, we will be testing a new system over the next couple of months.

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The Order of the Rose Training Manual

They designed the Order of the Rose to be a company open to anyone who wants to learn how to fence, without fear of ridicule or judgement. Today we maintain that tradition by welcoming safe, honorable, fun-loving people who desire to become skilled swordsmen or women.

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What is a Tournament Experience?

A Tournament Experience is a unique experience because it really depends on each and every one of us. If we can come together and work towards having a tournament experience, we can all walk away with the memories of a wonderful and exciting event!

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Kane’s Katas

With some focused study, a lot of help, and a couple hours in front of the computer, I present Kane’s Katas: A Series of Zines.

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Helpful Guide for Swordsmen

I Made It! Now What? If you compare the fencing ranks to school years, you’ll hopefully notice the following: Newcomer = Elementary school (you learned what you got yourself into)

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