Preparing to Be a Swordsman

Throughout the course of your training journey, work with multiple officers and trusted Swordsmen to help prepare you in becoming a Swordsman. Don’t be afraid to take this lesson multiple times.

Things to understand

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  • Levels of Importance: You need to understand and implement the Four Levels of Importance. That includes what they mean to the Company and what they mean to you.
  • It’s a Way of Life: Becoming a swordsman is not an endpoint at the bottom of a list. It’s just the next step in your fencing journey. Work hard at it.
  • The Privilege of Teaching: Swordsmen have the privilege, and responsibility, of pushing forward and sharing the knowledge of fencing with new fencers.
  • Take It Seriously: You are joining a community and the only way to keep it alive is if you participate in it. You don’t need to be perfect at fencing, but it’s something worth striving for.
  • The Swordsman’s Oath: When you take the Swordsman’s Oath you join with all the swordsmen that have come before and will come after. We hold that oath, and Swordsmanship, very sacred to our group. This will give you the opportunity to wear your Rose on the Company’s Uniform, the tabard.

The Swordsman’s Oath

I pledge my word to uphold the company’s honor, to give my loyalty & support to defend the name of the company. I will follow the appointed leaders and fight for the company with a ready sword for as long as the company remains honorable & just, in both name & deed.