Being a defensive side, you won’t be able to “kill” anyone with it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t safety concerns. Bucklers are usually made from dense wood or metal they can hurt someone if used improperly. Remember, that when using a Buckler, not to hit anyone with it or bash swords too hard.


A buckler is a small shield varied in shape and size with a grip or handle on the back. It is designed to be held in your off hand and used defensively to block, and deflect incoming shots. When used properly it is a quick defensive tool that is very effective in disrupting your opponent’s strikes.

Fighting with a Buckler

A buckler is a shield and it should be used to shield you from incoming shots. Make sure to hold the buckler as far in front of you to maximize the area of defensive coverage by creating a defensive cone. The further away the buckler is, the more area it actually covers. The buckler is held by a handle and will deflect most incoming shots depending on what angle you are holding it. When blocking, try to angle the buckler to deflect shots away from you.

Fighting against a Buckler

A buckler offers a lot of protection, despite the size. When fighting against a buckler, watch for openings or blind spots created by the buckler. The side of your opponent that is holding the buckler will have more blind spots because the buckler will block their view. The side of your opponent without the buckler will have more openings because they will be focusing their efforts to defend their other side. If you do hit the buckler, try to push passed it and deflect your shot into your opponent without giving a hard shot.

Journal Prompt

After experiencing the Buckler, how do you feel fighting with a Buckler or against it? What were your first impressions with the side and how do you think you’ll implement it in the future?