Being a defensive side, you won’t be able to “kill” anyone with it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t safety concerns. Deathsticks are usually made from heavy duty PVC or plastic and they can hurt someone. Remember, that when using a Deathstick, not to hit anyone with it or forget that it’s not a sword.

Additionally, because they are typically made from pipes, always ensure that the front end is capped.


A deathstick is our group’s term for a baton or sheath used as a defensive side. It’s a rigid parrying device, roughly the same size as a sword. They can provide a strong defense and help control your opponent’s blade.

Fighting with a Deathstick

Because the deathstick has no offensive capabilities it is used for defense only. It is stronger than a sword when performing blocks and can take control of your opponent’s sword when used to push their blade away. All blocks that can be performed with your sword can be performed with a deathstick. When using a deathstick try to always block with your deathstick and attack quickly with your sword after.

Fighting against a Deathstick

Because your opponent’s deathstick is stronger than your sword, you want to be careful not to let your sword get over powered. If your opponent tries to push your sword away, retreat and recover your sword before you get trapped. Your opponent’s hand holding the deathstick is a great target because it is typically undefended. Overall, treat the deathstick the same as you would a sword, except don’t forget that your opponent’s sword is what can kill you.

Journal Prompt

After experiencing the Deathstick, how do you feel fighting with a Deathstick or against it? What are the advantages or disadvantages with each?