Safety and Complacency

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How can you combat the dangers of complacency?

3 thoughts on “Safety and Complacency”

  1. For me, I think remaining engaged with what I’m doing really helps avoid complacency. I really feel that a healthy level of engagement can help keep me focused and involved with what’s going on and helps me experience the moment I’m in currently.

  2. When I enjoy something, like fencing or designing LEGO models, I feel a drive to get better at it. I always want to be the best of myself. I avoid complacency by constantly seeking out learning opportunities and ways in which I can improve.

  3. I really like that article. The idea of using habituation to combat complacency is pretty cool. It’s sort of like using complacency against it’s self. Haha! Make it a habit to not be complacent.


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