Tabula VI

With the proofs of the straight line that are given in the preceding tabula, that so advantageously forestalled and dominated all his enterprises, Zachary holds himself so well content that he is now ready to try to imitate them, making sure that he avails himself of them as well as Alexander has done, in conformity to what Zachary has seen him do.

Therefore he asks Alexander amiably to attack in his turn against the same posture, which Zachary intends to present to him in the same way. Alexander having willingly agreed to this, Zacahary places himself upon the circle, right foot on the line XY touching the circumference at the letter X.

Alexander comes against him in a similar straight line, putting himself at the first Instance at the other end of the circle, right foot at the letter C, the left on the usual line within the quadrangle, his sword in the straight line parallel to and beneath the other, in the same position as shown.

Tabula VI Attachks and Counters

Zachary holds himself so well content that he is now ready to try to imitate them, making sure that he avails himself of them…

Circle N. 1

Tabula VI Circle One Plan View


Begins in the straight line, sword above Alexander’s.


Raises his Right foot (knee straight) using only his wrist raises his point placing his 3 against Zachary’s 8.

Makes a little pause with his body (last as long as raising the point and bringing the blades together).

Foot nimbly ready to set down as the situation demands.

Tabula VI Circle One

As Alexander has to attack against the posture of the straight line, after having come to the First Instance, he raises his right foot, together with the point of his blade, crossing swords inside the arm at number 3 to number 8 with a very subtle stopping of the body; and with the intention of subjecting his opponent at the Second Distance.

Circle N. 2

Tabula VI Circle Two Plan View


Continues to hold himself in the posture of the straight line.


Right foot toward 2nd instance, Sword poistion 8 against 4 or 5 of oppents blade, after a little pause, hastily plants Right foot on G, left foot follows.

Opponents blade has been displaced above letter “M”, as illustrated in plan view.

Tabula VI Circle Two

As Alexander lands his feet at the Second Instance he subjects the opposing sword, making sure of his superiority before brining the left foot circularly from behind.

Circle N. 3

Tabula VI Circle Three Plan View


Anticipating Alexanders attack along GX, intends to counterattack with an estocade, by taking the straight line with his forte.


Advancing Right leg knee stiff, graduating opposing sword, bend and turning inner quillon Horizontal, to seize and press opposing blade from beneath.

Point circularly against enemy, lowering foot on “N”, enters circularly with left foot draws up body perpendicularly executing the thrust with rigor.

Tabula VI Circle Three

Zachary waits for the continuation of the subjection; Alexander makes an estocade at him, graduating and pressing his blade, while his right foot falls to the ground. Continues by carrying the left foot forward rather quickly and a little circularly onto the letter “K”, straightens his body and faces a little more to the front, meanwhile bringing his point around with a straight arm until it is against the face of his adversary.

Circle N. 4

Tabula VI Circle Four Plan View


Parries inside the arm to his left using medium pressure.


Lifts left foot at instant of parrie, turning left side forward, bending right arm and turning quillons inward.

Continually directing his point at Zacharies face, turns outside quillons diagonally inward, opponent’s sword slides between blade and quillon.

Tabula VI Circle Four

Zachary parries the preceding estocade to the inside, with a medium pressure. Alexander changes it to an imbrocade, putting the left side of his body forward with the arm curved, so that he continues to hold his point arrested and directed against Zachary’s face.

Circle N. 5

Tabula VI Circle Five Plan View


Continues to parry, lowering the arm.


Raises right foot advancing right side turning inside quillon vertically upward.

Point nearly equal to opposing point, draws body up straight on left leg.

Tabula VI Circle Five

Zachary continues to parry further out. Alexander lets him carry away the swords, and puts himself further forward inside the angle, with his right foot raised and the inside quillon turned vertically.

Circle N. 6

Tabula VI Circle Six Plan View


Operations of circles 4, 5 & 6.


Continuing to turn his right side forward with sword arm, delivers an estramason with sword edge to opponent’s face.

Tabula VI Circle Six

Alexander disengages his sword and makes an estramason at this adversary’s face, passing beside him and coming behind his back.

Circle N. 7

Tabula VI Circle Seven Plan View

Continuation of Circle Six

I have deviated from Thibault’s illustration, choosing to show (in plan view) a backhanded strike to Zachary’s outside line from Alexanders Circle Six position.

Thibault intended to show an alternate completion of Circle Four, where the enemy moves from their place. However I am having difficulty following Alexanders sequence of steps to arrive at the position illustrated in Circle Six, with Zachary’s sword on the inside line, this appears to me to be an occasion where Zachary’s is in a position to exchange wound for wound as originally illustrated.

If Zachary did not parry from circle four, but took a step back disengaging his blade as Alexander moved forward, it seems that Alexander would have dealt him this estramason as he stepped through with his right foot, not the left as illustrated.


Zachary turns to face Alexander as he moves forward.


Deals a blow to the face, as Zachary turns to face him.

Tabula VI Circle Seven

Alexander is behind his adversary and pivots on the right foot. Zachary also turns toward him at the same time, in order to present his sword to him, but before he has completed the process, Alexander deals him a second estramason to the face.

Circle N. 8

Tabula VI Circle Eight Plan View

Alternate progression of Circle Three

Here Zachary parries as Alexander moves to the 3rd distance.


Defends himself and carries away Alexander’s sword with force.


Brings left foot close to the other, as a demi-fleuret, steps with right foot to “L”, left to “N”, outside quillon diagonally inward so opposing sword passes by.

Tabula VI Circle Eight

Alexander again makes an estocade at the third distance, just as in Circle No. three Zachary turns it aside toward the inside, but with more force than in Circle four. Alexander is constrained thereby to follow the movement of the swords, going toward the center up to “L”, and accommodating his body with the left side forward, in order to deal Zachary an imbrocade.

Circle N. 9

Tabula VI Circle Nine Plan View


Parries with greater force than circle 8.


Follows the movement of the sword, right foot entering to the center, left foot promptly behind to letter “M”, carrying out the same operation as circle eight.

Tabula VI Circle Nine

Zachary increases the weight of his blade even farther in order to parry the preceding estocade of Circle three. Alexander advances to the center with the right foot, once again accomplishing the same operation as circle eight.

Circle N. 10

Tabula VI Circle Ten Plan View


Continues to parry even further out.


Releases blade rocks back, raising right foot in preparation, for Circle eleven or thirteen, inside quillon straight up.

Tabula VI Circle Ten

Following the two preceding circles, Alexander’s imbrocade being parried even farther out, he lets the sword go away, even stretching out his arm, with the inner quillon vertical and the right foot raised.

Circle N. 11

Tabula VI Circle Eleven Plan View


horizontal thrust against opponent’s face, taking blade away turning right side outward.


Continually follows opponents blade, careful to keep it from coming around the hilt, as soon as it reaches his hilt he closes the straight line, receiving the foible on the forte, places his point with courtesy before Zachar’s eyes.

Tabula VI Circle Eleven

Zachary makes a horizontal estocade against Alexander’s face, following Circle ten. Alexander follows it with swords joined, in such a way that the takes the straight line himself, and sets his point in courtesy before Zachary’s face.

Circle N. 12

Tabula VI Circle Twelve Plan View

Continuation of Circle Eleven:


Forced to bend his arm and let the point go up by the force of the opposing sword.


Executes the preceding estocade. This execution can be done in single time, but it is better to practice it as illustrated, in two; (Thibault advise) “put effort into doing better than into doing more.”

Tabula VI Circle Twelve

The final execution of the preceding estocade, carried out by suddenly raising the right foot, and moving to the letter “S” with body advanced and the arm and sword extended.

Circle N. 13

Continuation of Circle Ten:

Tabula VI Circle Thirteen Plan View


With sword above attempts to subject opponent blade with increased sentiment.


Advances right foot, turning right side forward, while disengaging blade making a circle around opponent’s point from below, deals a diagonal estramason to the face.

Tabula VI Circle Thirteen

Zachary desires to subject the opposing sword again, following Circle Ten. Alexander goes past him to the side with a double pace, and gives him an estramason to the head.