Preparing to Be a Swordsman

Throughout the course of your training journey, work with multiple officers and trusted Swordsmen to help prepare you in becoming a Swordsman. Don’t be afraid to take this lesson multiple times. Things to understand Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Tellus in … Read More

Basics of Command

Taking command of a team or a squad is an important role in any Melee. The entire team follows your lead on how to tackle the challenge or scenario placed before them. That leadership requires a more advanced familiarity with how Melees work, the members of your team, and a grasp of potential tactics and … Read More

Theory of Melee

Melees are very different from dueling. The primary difference between duels and melees is in the need to expand your focus. In single combat, you’re able to focus nearly all of your attention on your opponent. In a melee, however, this focus must be divided between multiple opponents, maintaining position within the unit, following orders, … Read More

Range & Placement

Your Range is the maximum distance at which you are able to strike your opponent. Your Placement is where you are in relation to your opponent. Each concept has an impact on your fencing because it can determine available opportunities and how you might go about the fight. It is also, potentially, one of the … Read More

Basic Blocks

When it comes to fencing, it is more important to defend yourself and stay alive than to kill your opponent. Therefore, a strong understanding of how to block an incoming attack will serve you well. In the Order of the Rose, we focus on eight (8) basic blocks and suggest that every fencer dedicate their … Read More

Gear Care & Requirements

Whether you are using loaner equipment or have your own kit, taking care of the gear you use is your responsibility. Fencing equipment is designed to endure the hardships of combat, but we can extend its overall life span by doing little things to care for and maintain the equipment we use. Additionally, everyone should … Read More

Gauging & Breaking Shots

Fencing is a combat sport and you will be using metal weapons, but we aren’t trying to kill each other. It’s like playing tag with big metal sticks. Unfortunately, there is always the potential to hit someone harder than you intend and really hurt them. This highlights the importance of training how to gauge and … Read More

Four Levels of Importance

Going into the Four Levels of Importance lesson, remember that it’s a conversation. A discussion and exploration of the four principles we hold most dear in the Order of the Rose. At first glance, you may feel disappointed about discussing fencing instead of going out and fighting, but fencing is steeped in philosophy and mentality … Read More

Basics of Melee

An exciting part of Period Fencing that you don’t find in the Olympics is Melees or group battles. The Basics of Melee lesson discusses what you need to know in order to jump in, safely, and get involved in the fight. You’ll want to take what you learned in Basics of Dueling and apply that … Read More

Basics of Dueling

The Basics of Dueling goes over the bare necessities of safety and the process needed to start dueling with other fencers. There is nothing like getting a sword into your hand and facing off with an opponent, but we want to make sure that everyone can do it safely and feel comfortable trying things out. … Read More