Top 10 Things I Love About Fencing


Woodland, it’s so pretty, every time I go there it fills my heart with joy


The Gear, I love gearing up, actually putting on each piece and feeling powerful. I love the focus wearing a mask provides


The environment of lightheartedness and relaxation


The thrill of hearing ‘Lay On,’ the ‘go, go, go’ pressure of a hard fight, and the ‘hold’ when it is done


Doing well, and, Learning when I don’t


Making quick decisions without second guessing, I love that speed in fencing


Listening to stories all kinds what happened in a duel or a fight, Lore stories, or the stories of everyday life


Having fun in a sport I love and enjoying it with people I love


The feeling of holding my rapier


The people I love to be with them, I love to listen to them and talk with them, I love to fight with them, I love to serve them as an officer, I love them for who they are and I love that we work together to do this awesome thing that we do.