Torchlight Tourney 2021 Stream

The Universe was on our side this year and we were able to hold the end of season Torchlight Tourney for Order of the Rose. As the previous victor, Renald ran everyone through a 5-Round Swiss Tournament* and everyone was limited to a single short sword.

*A Swiss Tournament is a non-elimination tournament where the winner of each fight is award points and then everyone is paired against other fighters with a similar amount of points. It’s a great format to keep everyone fighting the whole time and to face fighters who have a similar track record as yourself during the tournament.

We were able to get a live stream setup for everyone at home to enjoy and it was well worth tuning in for. Everyone’s skill was on full display! Check it out.

After all 5 Rounds, the results came in and Veron came in 1st, Blaise in 2nd, and Artimana in 3rd!

We also have the full bracket breakdown for anyone interested.


Afterwards, I went back and watched the tournament again but included some of my own commentary for each of the fight. This was just my perspective rewatching the live stream, but I’d love to hear others perspectives.