What Does Your Rose Stand For?

The Symbolism of the Rose

As students in the Order of the Rose Training program prepare to become Swordsmen, there is a very special piece of Order of the Rose culture that comes with it. And that is finally deciding on the meaning of your Rose.

Each member, upon earning the rank of Swordsman in the Order of the Rose, is granted the right to wear the Company Uniform or black tabard. This tabard represents the camaraderie and fellowship as they join the Swordsman ranks with all those who came before and will come after. The tabard shows that you are part of the group and have achieved what you set out to do and become.

On each tabard, there is a rose emblazoned upon the left shoulder. That rose represents something truly unique to the Swordsman wearing it and to the group. This is what the original Rose Ceremony had to say about the Rose:

The Order of the Rose was founded with a focus of being unique and individual. To show this, we wear our symbol on our left shoulder…The Rose. The Rose is a symbol of what we stand and fight for. Each fighter carries with him or herself a Rose all unique with their own set of virtues and traits.

When you look at a rose, what does it mean to you? Is it love…courage…power?… It is now time to realize what your rose stands for. Every time you step onto the battlefield, remember what your rose stands for and fight for it.

The Rose Ceremony

There is great power in symbolism. As a symbol, we hold the Rose close to our hearts because it represents what we stand and fight for. It stands for an idea that goes beyond the simple beauty of a flower.

As you prepare to become a Swordsman, you will begin to ask “what does my rose stand for and what am I willing to fight for?”.

This question will lead you on a hunt to find that thing that speaks to you and can become a symbol of something greater. Every time you look at a rose, you’ll be reminded of that thing or virtue or ideal that calls to you and asks if you will stand and fight for it.

How to Find My Rose’s Meaning?

There is no right or wrong answer to what your Rose means. All that matters, is that it speaks in a way that inspires you to a greater purpose.

Most who seek their Rose’s meaning try to find a word that summarizes their feelings. Words can take on different connotations based on how they are used and your choice of words can grant great meaning. A quest through the dictionary or thesaurus may be a stepping stone towards finding your rose.

Others, believe in ideals or philosophies that they wish to promote and spread throughout their lives. Living honestly or being of service to others are only two examples of ideals worth spreading. Thinking of what you wish you could inspire in others may be a clue to what your rose means.

Finally, your rose may be a goal or standard that you wish to achieve. When someone looks at you, what do you hope they see? Your rose can represent your constant struggle to embody and represent a principle or attribute that no one can take from you. It can become your mantra and mission to be what your rose represents.

The Pursuit of Swordsmanship

Whatever you decide your rose to mean, know that it is not the end.

The Order of Rose encourages the pursuit of swordsmanship. Swordsmanship requires dedication, passion, and honor. We are all striving to be more than what we are and swordsmanship is just one path to get there. This path can be difficult and it can push us to our limits.

As we stand with our fellow swordsmen, all carrying a rose in our hearts we are willing to fight for, we are reminded that we are not alone. Together we can stand strong and face the challenges as any Swordsman would. With passion. With dedication. And with honor.

Our Rose gives us strength. Your rose can you give you strength.

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  1. This article is an amazing resource and has helped me immensely in beginning to understand the different processes one can go through to understand what their Rose stands for (or will one day stand for).
    I recognize that this article only begins to scratch the surface. That the process can be very deep and reflect who you want to become or be as simple as identifying a word and striving to make it a part of you.
    I have been set on my path to find what my Rose will stand for and I look forward to finding where it takes me!
    I am so very grateful for this article!! Thank you!

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