What if I can’t make it to practice in time for lessons due to work?

We all experience scheduling conflicts from time to time. Unfortunately they can interfere with our fencing journey, slowing our progress through the regularly planned lessons. In the Order of the Rose we recognize that this is a frustrating hurdle on your journey, and we want to help support you. We also tend to take a long view. There will always be more fencing. We promise.

Ask for Fridays Off

We primarily recommend that you patiently work with managers and supervisors to get Friday nights off. This can take some time, but as you work hard, and are reasonable, chances are you will get the time off that you request. We care about your life, and your fencing.

For purposes of time management of the group, and personal management of teachers, lessons will continue to only be taught during the first hour of fencing, and only on Dueling and Melee weeks. There is a limited amount of time available on Friday nights, planning make up lessons for late comers interferes with the other activities of the group, and on Open weeks officers and teachers also need time to work on their fencing skills.

Deepen Your Well

This may seem disheartening, however there are many ways to still work on your fencing skills. When you can make it to practice we advise ‘deepening your well.’ This means actively seeking out opportunities to fence. Get involved however you can. On dueling weeks take advantage of 1 on 1 time, ask for help from Swordsmen, Master Swordsmen, and your fellow fencers. Fence as much as you can. On Melee weeks, in between scenarios, ask for pick up fights. We want to work with you, we want to help you progress. Plus we love fencing too.

Much of your learning comes from experience. Get as much as you can while you are there. If you are up to date on your fees, and can be relied on to have it back before fencing starts, you may be cleared to borrow gear during the week to practice with a friend. You’re also always welcome to invite friends to practice with you during the week. They are unofficial practices, but some of your best learning can occur in informal settings.

The Route of Rigor program

There is a final option for those willing to work as hard as they can. If there really is no way you can ever make it to fencing during the first hour due to genuine scheduling conflicts, there is an option to take lessons on your own with the help of the Captain and a Coordinator. For further information follow this link and learn more about our Route of Rigor program.

Fencing is a long journey and there are periods of frustration along the way. With patience and initiative you can continue to learn even in difficult circumstances. And we are here to help you. If you find your self in this circumstance please work with the Captain and Officers so they can help. It can be a difficult journey, but it’s worth it!