Commander: To Lead

The Commander’s task is to lead. As Terrasylvans, this applies often as we continue to train as Swordsman under our Captain or a Master we have apprenticed to. They lead us, following the same name of ‘Leader’.

We often have Leaders or Commanders, very much so on the battlefield. We see them directing, maneuvering, positioning, and organize the people they are leading.

I say this to also explain that it is thus possible to be a Commander off the battlefield, as it is crucial that we all learn how to eventually be a Leader to all that follow you.

The importance of having a Leader is to have someone who is aware of the end goal, the task that must be accomplished. Without a Commander, the troops are leaderless, scattered, lost, and have wavering visions of what must be accomplished.

But by having a Commander, we can know where to look for guidence, know our purpose in the battle, and reassurance that there is a final goal in the end.

I want to explain it will not always be in many cases that we are appointed to be a Leader over people. There are many positions that need to be filled and governed by said Commander, but regardless of whatever position we have, I say this…

Be a Commander always.

Be a Leader to all that are under your responsibility even if it is only yourself.

Upon the battlefield, chaos is never far behind. The unexpected is bound to happen, the worst case senario is inevitable. When that moment of doubt comes, be ready to take the Lead because those around you need someone to follow.

An effective Leader knows what to do when all becomes dark. To becoming such Leader, I wish to give this counsel. Know those you Lead, know their names, know their strengths, their worries. Take counsel from those you Lead, and allow the best course of action to be taken.

The best Commander is the best Follower.

When you know how to follow Commands, you will know how to give Commands.

If you ever feel discouraged as a Leader, take counsel from those you Lead. Take counsel from those that have led you. Gain their confidence in you, and thus you will receive confidence in yourself.

As Terrasylvans, we constantly see examples of Commanders and Leaders in how we train and as we fight. I proceed to say that Commanders and Leaders are also in our lives, our homes, our families, our communities. Some of them may already be you, and so I again give the message Be a Leader. Be effective and gain the confidence of those you lead and be the Commander you will one day need to be…