Fencing Practice: August 14, 2020

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Dueling

This week is a Swordsman week and Ul’vade has volunteered to lead us in some fun activities. (Thank you!) After that, the rest of the evening will be available for you to work on whatever dueling skills or games interest you.

If the Swordsmen are interested, during Open Workshop Shay will be testing a new tool to use in learning to analyze fights. It’s called a Freeze Fight. Damian, Kane and Shay, with help from other voices at Terrasylvae Camp, developed it and we want to see if it is helpful.


  • Newcomers: As Needed
  • Initiates: Either Basic Offhand or Line Fighting depending on how the fates roll the dice. Read them both, it’s good for you.
  • Novices: Advanced Blocks
  • Swordsmen: Open Workshop / Student Assistance



Congrats to those who earned SHASy scarves last week! It’s going to be an awesome month with these being awarded.

  • Safety: Sigmar
  • Honor: Isabeau
  • Attitude: Drakis
  • Skill: Shenu

Woodland War

This is coming up quick. Save the date for it August 21 and 22. There will be Warlords shenanigans galore!

Masters School

This Saturday, August 15, 9am we are doing Masters School. If you haven’t come to one of these yet they are awesome! They combine the best of learning at your own pace and having a ton of fun. Come check it out, everyone is welcome.

Shay’s Thoughts

Hey we are Covid free over here. What a weird scare that was. I’m glad we chose to play it safe over the weekend though. It gave me some serious moments of reflection on our Swordsman value of Safety, which was cool, but I also missed you all very much and I’m excited to hop back into fencing this week.

I heard so many good things about last weeks practice! Our Lieutenants came home with all good things to say about the Students really taking charge, creating, and then playing some great games. One which was submitted to the Melee Board. Hooray! It’s awesome that our Students are doing that. I heard there were good discussions about the melees, and that everyone was helpful and happy all night. I heard that we also have new Initiates and a new Novice. Congrats! And I heard the RoR students were doing very well too. A great community is made up of individual citizens each doing their part as best as they can. We have a great community, and that is because of each of you. Thanks for doing your part. Especially when I couldn’t be there to do mine.

See ya Friday!