Fencing Practice: March 5, 2021

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Open

Welcome back to Fencing! It has been far too long and we are super excited to have you back!

This week and the two following are all Open weeks. We are going to get together, have a good time, and refamiliarize ourselves with fencing.

This week we will have warmups to make sure our shots are landing ok and we will have lots of pickup fights for fun and camaraderie. The Swordsmen can do Swordsman time if they would like to. Around 7 we will open up for the whole company to do what they would like to until the light or cold gets us.


  • Newcomers: As Needed
  • Initiates: None
  • Novices: None
  • Swordsmen: None


What about Fees this year?

We have decided to go forward with as normal a fencing season as possible. So if you have paid your Shire fee please let Edward know, if not, it’s 5 dollars a month for Students and Swordsmen. If you would like to work that off please let us know, and thank you for the cash and the work in advance, they go along way to keeping our group going. This year fees are going to help with Cryptids fun and games, and hopefully new jackets for the Company. And if we are very fortunate a couple of new daggers.


We are all very excited to be returning to fencing. We still need to be Covid conscience. If you are going to come, please wear a mask. Hopefully, that restriction can be lifted soon, but until then we are asking everyone to wear a mask. Please also refrain from bringing or sharing food. Remember to social distance. And if you have been exposed to sickness, or are experiencing symptoms, please stay home. We will have sanitizer, and masks if you have forgotten yours, available to you. We are so close to being done with this, let’s just push through to a happy end. And thank you for your patience and understanding.

Shay’s Thoughts

Hooray! I’m so excited to get back to fencing, we have such a fun year ahead of us, and it will be so good to see you all again. I love our group. You’re a wonderful set of people. Let’s do this!