Fencing Practice: September 4, 2020

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Open

Round Two of War Lords! This round will include Actions, Fate, and a bonus melee. War Lords and their teams should be as early as possible to make their decisions so we can fight before the sun goes down.


  • Newcomers: Upon Request
  • Initiates: Upon Request
  • Novices: Upon Request
  • Swordsmen: None



This will be our last SHASy scarf day for this year. Congratulations to all who earned scarves, and for all who wore them too. We have an exceptional group and your efforts keep it that way thank you!

  • Safety: Dubhglas
  • Honor: Ladrona
  • Attitude: Isolde
  • Skill: Tilly

Optional Lessons

If you missed last week’s announcement at practice, the Officers will be offering lessons to students starting at 5, on Fridays, through September. If any student wants a lesson they need to contact our Trainer, Evanlyn, by Thursday with their request. This is so we can prepare for you. Students need to be geared up and warmed up by 5 on Fridays so they can learn the lesson, and still have time to practice. Arrival is recommended at least 10 minutes before 5. Students that are late will not receive lessons. If more students request than we have teachers available, priority will go to seniority.

Shay’s Thoughts

I have been thinking about thinking. I’ve had three experiences in the last few weeks that have made me think that maybe I am thinking too much, or perhaps I am thinking not enough.

First, Kane and I, in good fun, jibed each other at practice a couple of weeks ago about thinking too much. Second, I was part of a wonderful Melee tactics conversation that lasted 90 minutes in which we only covered two topics. Finally, in that conversation a one-liner was dropped that I’ve now been pondering on for a week, the line was ‘you have to make time in your head, during a fight, to think about things.’

So all this thinking got me thinking about thinking. You still with me down this rabbit hole? Or rather Goldilocks situation. I think, when it comes to thinking, there is a ‘just right’ amount. I think it will be different for everyone, but unless you do some serious thinking, you’ll never know how much is too much, and if you don’t take the time to think at all, you’ll never know how little is too little. Or visa versa depending on your point of view.

I have found I think best on big subjects when I am alone and walking. I have plenty of time to get from one end of a thought to the other without interruption. This sort of thinking is harder, it demands attention, and doesn’t have quick solutions. But it can be very helpful when sorting out complex situations. I find that I think best on small subjects right at the moment the action is happening. I have found I have a very clear space in my head when things get intense. Sports psychologists call it ‘the Zone.’ It takes some practice developing it, but once you have it, you can apply it to many situations, even outside fencing.

So I challenge you this week to think about thinking too. Try to discover your deficits, or surpluses in thoughts. Think about where you do your best thinking, and in what conditions. I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on thinking. Cheers!