Game Night: The Many Races

The library is open again!!!

The library has started taking online reservations for their conference room area again. So Shay has kindly signed us up for the first Tuesday in August (July wasn’t available) so we are a go for gaming!!!

What is a race in board games?

In board games racing often involves just what you’d think: racing, but in reality, it is anything where there is pressure to do something first or where time is a factor. At least, that is what we are going with.

What games will we be playing?

Currently on the docket are 4 racing games plus a normal assortment of other games for fillers and other tastes.

Down Force

This is a reimplementation of a much older F1 car racing game by the same title by “Restoration Games” that specializes in taking old titles and reworking them with modern game design practices. Everyone will have their own car that they will get a bonus for how it places, however, the largest amount of money is made by “betting” on who will win. If your guess comes in first, second, or third you will receive points even if it isn’t your car.


This is a pirate game of fighting, loot, and good old fashion racing around the island of Jamaica. Players will select a card every round that will move them forward, backward, or provide supplies. Players get points for how far around the island they are when someone reaches the finish line and for loot cards and gold stacks in their hold.

5-Minute Mystery

This is a cooperative game of racing to find images in a piece of art to unlock clues and determine who stole the “McGuffin” before the time runs out. It is really well made and a lot of fun with several scenarios to change things up.


Not interested in a frantic scramble to the finish? This Zen un-racing game is for you. Tokaido is about traveling the path between Edo and Kyoto and seeing who has the most fulfilling experience. The twist is that the person furthest behind on the path always goes first and you can never go back, thus you can “race” ahead to get the spot you want before someone else takes it but you will miss everything along the way.

How can I participate?

Really the most helpful thing is just to come. If you have games that match the theme feel free to bring them. Also please don’t bring any food or drink as the library charges a fee if those are present. Lastly, the library also is fairly strict about business use of their facilities to the point that we really can’t even have money change hands. So please no selling or buying of games (yes, that’s usually me).