Games Workshop and Privateer Press Books

Spanish Dan’s Facebook Find

For those of you who don’t know Spanish Dan, he is a Swordsman who lives in Logan hence why we don’t see him in Davis County much. Spanish Dan also loves to collect and play board games and is active on Facebook groups for board game deals. He recently found one such deal for old Games Workshop and Privateer Press books with the pickup in Centerville that was a free “just take them” situation. Since that would be a sizeable drive he asked that Shay and I pick up the books and he would drop by to pick them up next time he was in the area.

Spanish Dan is a Generous Guy

Not just in this case but in general Spanish Dan is a really nice fellow. In this case, though he has generously offered to let any Terrasylvae members have a first go at the books. I will detail a bit more of what is available below but don’t hesitate to ask to take a look or to grab a few if you think you can make use of them! Note that they will only be available until Spanish Dan is able to drop by so let me know if there is something that you will use.

What is Games Workshop and Privateer Press?

Games Workshop

Games Workshop is primarily a company that specializes in miniature war games although they have a few other types of games and system offering. The most recognizable of their properties is the Warhammer and Warhammer 40k franchises that make up most of their products.

Privateer Press

Privateer Press is rather similar to Games Workshop but is quite a lot smaller mostly consisting of a few miniatures lines and a handful of decent but not amazing board games.

Enough Talk: What is there?

Note that all of these are war gaming/miniature sourcebooks/magazines in excellent condition, a few are even still in shrink wrap!

Games Workshop Books

White Dwarf Magazines 2009-2010
Warhammer Armies Books
Battlefleet Gothic Books
Warhammer 40k Codex Books

Privateer Press Books

No Quarter Magazine #16 -#37
Hordes Books
Warmachine Books

3 thoughts on “Games Workshop and Privateer Press Books”

  1. I looked through them the other day and I think they’re floating around the 7th edition? I wasn’t able to confirm when I looked at it, but after some research online I think that’s what they are (I was using the Beastman army book I saw as a reference).

    The Gothic books also looked like rule books. I believe one of them was the Armada book if I remember correctly. Ben and Shay would be able to confirm.

  2. I just looked at the army books and while I couldn’t find an “edition” anywhere on them I found some copyrights dates and looking at Wikipedia, it looks like about half and half 6th and 7th edition.
    The Gothic books are rule books: Battlefleet Gothic and a supplement Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. Both had copyright dates around 2003 and one said “Third Printing” if that helps.
    Let me know if you are interested in the armies and I can put together a quick list of what is there.

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