Helpful Guide for Initiates

You Are Laying A Foundation

While you were a Newcomer, you were learning the very basics of what it takes to be in Terrasylvae and to fence. Now, as an Initiate, you will begin interacting as a member of the group and a recognized student of the sword.

When it comes to fencing, your lessons are going to focus on developing core skills and following the rules that make a competent fencer. It is during this time that you will lay the foundation of your future as a Novice and Swordsman. Take your time. Incorporate and practice what you learn. We know you are excited to wield a dagger and learn what you see others are doing, but that time will come. How can we expect ourselves to be masters without first learning to “wax on & wax off”? The safe and honorable thing to do is to remember that you are beginner playing with a weapon. Be smart. Be safe. Leave the flashy stuff for later.

The other aspect of being an Initiate is that this is your time to develop your identity with the group. Terrasylvae is a refuge in the woods and the Order of the Rose is a place where you can learn without fear of ridicule or embarrassment. You have the opportunity to choose how you want to be perceived in the group and what your reputation will be. Reinvent yourself, if you so desire! But remember that you have been initiated into a group! Not a solo-adventure.

You will get so much more out of Terrasylvae from active involvement in the group and you will enrich the lives of those who came before and those who will come after

What’s Next for an Initiate?

With regular attendance you will progress through the Initiate Lessons in approximately 6 months. These lessons will teach you many of the fundamental skills of fencing that, we believe, all fencers should possess. When you finish you’ll be prepared to start the next phase of your fencing journey as a Novice!