Helpful Guide for Newcomers

Take A Deep Breath!

As you begin your journey into the art of fencing, there is going to be a lot to remember. Don’t worry! Everyone here was once a beginner. Take a deep breath and make the most of your time as a Newcomer by focusing on these 5 simple things:

Listen & Be Observant – If you’re like 90% of newcomers, you are probably itching to pick up a sword and get stabbing. However, a big part of learning is observation. Pay attention to the foundations of what you see in fights around you. How do fencers stand and move around? What does swordplay look like? What stands out and makes you excited to learn?

Make Friends – Getting to know the members of the group and developing friendships will only improve your journey. We have all stood where you stand now and are excited to share in your adventure! Smile & share a good attitude.

Follow the Rules – We hold safety, honor, attitude, and skill in the highest regard. Each one us is responsible to hold ourselves to these standards. If you have a concern or question about any rules, the person to talk to is an officer. Ask around if you need help finding one.

Get Connected – We’re not just a Friday-night club. There are a lot of other non-fencing activities and interactions happening all the time. The website and the texting group will keep you up to date and provide opportunities to get involved with new friends. Don’t procrastinate signing-up!

Just Try It – Unless you’ve been sailing with the Dread Pirate Roberts for the last few years, you most likely haven’t really experienced fencing for yourself. And even if you’ve dabbled in it already, you have plenty more you can learn. Don’t be afraid to try something new, to screw up, or to be embarrassed. As my friend, Jake the Dog, says, “Dude, sucking at sumthin’ is the first step towards being sorta good at something.”

What’s Next for a Newcomer?

With regular attendance you will progress through the Newcomer Lessons in approximately 1 month (4 weeks). These lessons will teach you the basics of fencing and prepare you for the next phase of your fencing journey: becoming an Initiate!