How are Officers Chosen in the Order of the Rose?

The Order of the Rose has a governing document known as the Rose code. It is a statement of our purpose and beliefs. It also lays out our code of conduct, and the responsibility of members and Officers. The Code includes how the group works over all, as well as the training program specifically. You can read it here:

To summarize: The Order of the Rose is run by the following Officers who make up the Officer Corps: Captain, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Exchequer, Trainer, and Quartermaster. In order to be an Officer you must be a Swordsman first.

Officers are chosen at the sole discretion of the Captain. The Captain calls and releases Officers as they see fit. Usually, Officers are commissioned early in the season, they serve for that season then, at the end of season, the Captain decides if an Officer should be retained for the next year or released.

When choosing Officers, the Captain is careful to look for people who love the group, love the people in the group, and take initiative. The Captain searches for members who strive to uphold the Four Levels of Importance, and who have dedicated themselves to the Company. An Officer needs a clear understanding of the Order of the Rose over all, and fencing skills particularly. This understanding enables them to lead by example and teach others the skill of fencing, as well as the values we uphold. Additionally, the Captain considers work, and life situations. There are many capable people who are willing to serve as officers but, due to time constraints, or other conflicts, are not called upon to do so.

The selection of the next Captain is at the sole discretion of the current Captain. The Captain may choose their successor when and how they wish. The choosing of all officers is done in this way for purposes of clarity and unity within the Order of the Rose.