I want a tabard! Now what?

Congratulations! You’ve recently become a swordsman in The Order of the Rose and have earned the right to wear a tabard. The Company of Broderers have been working with The Shire and The Order of the Rose to create official patterns, and to make the process of obtaining a tabard as easy as possible.

How much does it cost?

Before you begin, it’s helpful to understand the anticipated cost of the project. Fabric will be your main expense, and the easiest route is to imagine it’ll cost around $100-$150. Many factors can vary this cost, including if you need a larger/smaller size, the quality of fabrics you choose for the velvet and lining, and how good you are at clipping the 50% off coupons. Other than fabric, the only necessities are buttons, interfacing, and sturdy thread. Some people choose to include a decorative trim on their tabards, but it isn’t necessary and typically can be added on later.

Who sews the tabards?

You are welcome to sew the tabard yourself or invite someone you know to do it. The Company of Broderers is also available to assist you in finding the help you need. Typically in the past, Terrasylvans who can sew the tabard seem to charge around $100-$150 for their labor. But who knows? Ask around. Perhaps some added charisma or exchange of services can help with the price if you need it.

Where is the pattern?

In the past, there have been multiple patterns floating around the group. However, we’re pleased to say the very talented Melonie Fitch created an official, formal pattern for the group to use. The masters of this pattern currently live at Miren Folley’s home. When you are ready for your pattern, you need to determine your measurements (see below) and then schedule a time to meet her and copy the pieces for the particular size you need.

What size am I?

You need to take four different measurements to determine the best sized tabard for you. These are best done with a soft measuring tape and an assistant.

  1. Shoulder width – Poke the top outside edge of your shoulder, it should feel knobby. Measure the width of your shoulders across the back, from one knob to the other.
  2. Neck – Measure the circumference. Do not worry about wearing a gorget. The pattern already takes the width of them into account.
  3. Front length – If you finger below your neck, you’ll find a “horseshoe hole” nestled between your collar bones. Measure from that hole to just above the kneecap. Let the measuring tape drape down, just like the tabard would.
  4. Back length – Lean your head forward and feel the back of your neck. You should feel a small knobby bump close to the bottom of it, almost like a mini adam’s apple. Measure from that point to just above the knee. Again, make sure the measuring tape dangles and that you aren’t conforming it to your body on the way down.

Once you have your measurements, use this chart to find the pattern number that most closely fits your needs. This is the pattern you need to request to copy.

Pattern #Shoulder WidthNeckFront LengthBack Length

What materials do I need?

*fabric yardage will depend on pattern number

  • Sewing instructions – will be provided when you copy your pattern
  • Black fabric – cotton velveteen (or something close to it)
  • Lining fabric – bridal satin is typical, but use whatever you want!
  • 1-2 spools of thread
  • Interfacing – “sew in” is best with the velveteen
  • Buttons – enough to place them probably 1 ½ – 2 inches apart down the front.
  • Rose patch

*When you finish your tabard, let the Captain know so you can schedule your Fight of the Tabard!