Order of the Rose

Training Announcement

We would like to give students more opportunities to progress and receive the lessons they are most looking forward to. To that end, we will be testing a new system over the next couple of months.

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RoR Criteria for Success

As students of the Route of Rigor program, it is your responsibility to study and train both physically and mentally throughout the week on your chosen/assigned lesson. Listed out below

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RoR: Route of Rigor, a New Journey

Any fencer who wants an intense course of study, and is willing to pair it with a strong commitment to learn will fit in RoR program. This is in line with the mentality of owning our own journeys and developing Citizenship. We want fencers to have more control over their learning and less dictated learning.

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Fencing Conference (05/22/2020)

This week we discussed and tried to come up with some ideas about what we can do for this next Dance Card session going for the next two weeks. We can finish our “Dances” with our partners on June 5th which is the date that we’ve slated to be able to fence normally again!

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Fencing Conference (04/24/20)

This week we are doing virtual dance cards! You can still get in touch with Shay if you still want to participate before the next fencing conference. This recording was brief, but to the point! Enjoy!

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