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I Made It! Now What?

If you compare the fencing ranks to school years, you’ll hopefully notice the following:

  • Newcomer = Elementary school (you learned what you got yourself into)
  • Initiate = Junior High (things felt a bit awkward at times as you got your bearings)
  • Novice = High School (an overload of new discoveries was poured out to you)

Well congratulations, you’ve taken the Swordsman oath and graduated from the training program. Now what? It’s off to college.

Whether or not you’ve been to college, you may know that there are three kinds of people there.

  1. I know exactly what I want to do. I go for it. I did it. Yay, me!
  2. I like the idea of this. I try it. Maybe I’d like this better? I try something else.
  3. I don’t feel like learning today. I’ll finish a major eventually.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen all of the above amongst the Swordsmen. None are incorrect, and none are better than the rest. However, nothing makes a teacher (the officers) more proud than watching their students scurry away on their own, eager to better themselves and the community. An important task for every Swordsman is to decide how YOU will benefit The Order of the Rose.

If you are a new Swordsman, or a seasoned one, the most effective way to continue growing as a Swordsman is to be proactively engaged with your learning and with the group. You are in a position to learn and grow like never before. No one is telling you what you should focus on, and no one is going to hold your hand as you study and focus on what interests you. You are also in the best position to influence individual members and their journey in the art of fencing. You have a unique perspective into this sport and your insights will benefit the group as you proudly share your point of view.

The college experience is designed as a vibrant forum to discuss and exchange ideas. Opportunities to get involved are widespread and varied. The same applies to the Order of the Rose. Your experience as a Swordsman will depend greatly on how YOU decide to get involved. Whether as a teacher, a fighter, a socialite, a leader, or whatever, share what you think and fight for what you believe! You are a Swordsman!.

Download the PDF version of this guide for additional tips and suggestions.
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