My Study into the Four Levels of Importance: Honor

Last year I made time to study and contemplate the word Honor. It impacted me in such a way that I chose to memorize the definition. I repeat it nearly every day. I am highlighting the first and the last lines of that definition for this Journal entry. This is very personal to me. Honor is part of the meaning of my rose, consequently it is one of the most important aspects of my life. It is something I’m literally willing to fight for. More importantly, to me, Honor is worth living for.

Honor is honesty, fairness and integrity in one’s beliefs and actions.

Honor is being honest, fair and full of integrity but not just in what we believe but also in what we do. It is easy to believe in something and yet do nothing about it. Sometimes being honest is uncomfortable. Being fair takes restraint. Having integrity all the time is exhausting. It is very easy to let standards slip when no one is looking, but a person with true Honor doesn’t need the eyes of others to judge them. They examine themselves, making adjustments as needed, constantly seeking to improve. They believe in, and are honest, fair and exemplify integrity at all times, even if they are they only ones who will ever know. Additionally Honor is not just something we do, it is also something we must believe. Otherwise we are little better than machines. Belief and action combined create Honor.

To be of worth.

Initially I believed that this definition meant that I had to prove myself to others to be considered Honorable. And I suppose to some extent it does mean that. However to be of worth, comes from inside you. Honor is something you are, regardless of any other power or influence. As Terrasylvans we believe in Honor where none is found. We believe in Honor when the world around us does not. We believe a person can be honorable even if those around them do not see it. There are no lowest or highest among us, we are all equals around the campfire. Our individual Honor makes that possible.

In our fencing manual these few lines are found. ‘Your honor is what will define you as a fighter. Let yourself be honorable the first time you pick up a rapier, and you will be respected no matter what your skill level is.’ Your Honor defines you as a person. Be Honorable the first time, every time, and you will be of worth. I’m willing to fight for that. I’m willing to live for it.

The Four Levels of Importance

  1. Safety
  2. Honor
  3. Attitude
  4. Skill

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  1. What really caught my attention about this article was your “of worth” section. If Honor means to be of worth then the phrase “we believe in Honor where none is found” could be modified to be “we believe in worth where none is found”. One of the greatest strengths of Terrasylvae is the ability to see the worth of people when the world may not see it. We accept outcasts, vagabonds, and misfits like family when the world has already cast them out. We recognize that each member of the group has worth, despite any challenges. Additionally, Terrasylvae encourages us to see our own worth even when the world doesn’t. Part of being Honorable in Terrasylvae is seeing the worth of others and ourselves.

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