I’ve been reflecting on the reasons why I fence. There are so many. I believe in the values of our group. I hope to embody our 4 Levels of Importance, both on the field and in my personal life. I believe in the family like friendships we form and nurture on Friday nights. I love that we welcome people in to “find a place around our fire.” Some just pass through, some stay for a lifetime. I truly believe that they are all better people for having spent time in Terrasylvae.

All of those good things could be obtained from any number of groups. I have other hobbies I enjoy, and could have found value and purpose in those as well. So I have been deeply considering why I chose fencing to dedicate myself to. Again, there are a number of reasons. I love history, I love fantasy. This combines the two. I like fair competition. I enjoy developing skills. And I value spending time with like minded people. Fencing provides opportunities to practice and perfect the best version of myself without fear of ridicule. But one reason stood out more than the others, and I discovered it through an unexpected source. Music.

I enjoy the music of Ok Go very much. I think that the artists in that group are very creative, I think they have an inspiring outlook on what seems impossible, and their music videos are amazing! One of my favorite songs is ‘Obsession.’ The music video has an awesome visual display, but it was while reading the lyrics to the song that I had a sudden connection in my mind. And I thought to myself, ‘this is it, this is why I fence.’

This whole song is worth a read through and the video, in my opinion, is a must see. But it was the first verse and chorus that so struck me.

“A look so quick, a movement so slight

You could almost imagine it didn’t just happen

But everything will change, in just one look, one little glance

It’s not passing fascination now

It’s obsession, uh-huh

It’s obsession

It’s obsession, uh-huh

It’s obsession

It’s obsession”

I am absolutely in love with that surreal moment in a fight when the movement is so quick you’re not sure if you’re actually seeing it, or if it is something you’re just feeling. I love that everything changes so fast. It is such a narrow margin of comprehension that if not done well, it ends in your ‘death.’ I am fascinated with it, but it goes beyond that even. For me fencing is Obsession.