Order of the Rose: End of Season Event

Practice in a Nutshell

Type of Practice: Open

Due to Covid restrictions, we can not hold our Torchlight Tourney, for now. We will at some point in the Covid free future. It will be an event to look forward to.

However, we are still holding an end of season event. We will move to Discord, and celebrate Drakis achieving the rank of Swordsman. Wear your tabards, and sign in to see his ceremony live at 7 pm. You can even light a candle in lieu of the torches if you’d like.

After the ceremony will we close out the season, so have your sword on hand for one last salute in 2020.


  • Newcomers: None
  • Initiates: None
  • Novices: None
  • Swordsmen: None


Preparing for next season:

We are determined to hope for and plan for the future. It’s going to be great! We are currently planning next year’s theme which is Cryptids. Thank you for voting in the polls that you have already seen. We have two more coming, so please continue to let us know your opinions. Together we are building something awesome. We will be having several Discord Meetings over the winter to help plan/prepare, and everyone is welcome to participate. These will be announced so stay tuned.

We are also looking forward to the annual Winter Warrior Challenge. We would like help with that. Our goal this year is to make the challenge more accessible, manageable, and bite-sized so that participants can jump in, or out, or back in, at any time. We are also working on a way for participants to have greater support while they are doing the challenge. Together is better, and it’s more fun with friends anyway. If you’re interested in helping plan and run parts of the challenge please let Shay know. We will be holding a Discord meeting in November to discuss the challenge and everyone is welcome to come help, so look for this too.

Shay’s Thoughts

Well, we had an interesting season. Despite the set backs, we still did some awesome things. Thank you to all those who helped teach, plan, prepare, haul, clean, lead, inspire and run events. You’ve been amazing and we could not have had the success we did without you.

As I reflect on this most unusual season, I think the two things that have stood out to me the most were how a positive attitude goes a long way, and how working together makes everyone happier. I have been very impressed by the kindness, generosity, and willingness to adapt that our Company has shown. In tough situations it’s very easy to get snappy, and irritable but our group has really risen above that. I have seen fencers reaching out and taking care of each other, all with a Swordsman attitude. Thank you for that. I love you all. Thanks for making the best out of a difficult year. Here’s to 2020, may she remain unique, and here’s to 2021 and hope!