Rules for Warlords

Listed out below are the rules for this year’s Warlords, as designed by Damian. You can also download his original spreadsheet version to print off and use at home. If you have any questions on any of these rules, please reach out to Damian.

Rules and Key

Play Key

  1. Buy and Place Unites
  2. Choose an Action
  3. Play Out Actions
  4. Group Scenario (if less than 3 fights have occurred)
  5. Draw & Play Fate Cards

1. Buy and Place Units

  • Tally up gold for that round, collect gold from the game master
    • 5 gold per land, and 1 gold per 3 peasants (round down) & any other bonuses
  • Buy and place new units on your lands
  • Decide which action you will do and set up an action card

2. Choose an Action

Team leaders gather, then fill out an action card

  • Attack an Area F
    • Take the “Attack a Land” card and write down the info on the back
      • Land # of the area you are attacking from and how many men
      • Land # of where you are attacking
  • Root out Spies NF
    • Take the “Root out Spies” card
  • Move units around NF
    • Land and unit type to Land destination (as many as needed)
  • Build Defense NF
    • Take the ”Build Defense” Card
      • Land # of the area you wish to fortify

*F = Fighting scenario
*NF = Non-fighting action

3. Play Out Actions

  • Attack an Area
    • Choose teams – leader and seconds start on the team
      • Take turns choosing leftover people, if extra person, goes to Odd Men Out
    • Attacker’s goal – One person must take and hold Land point for 15 seconds
    • Defender’s goal – Defend Land point
    • Attacker’s Rez Point – On the border of land attacking from
    • Defender’s Rez Point – 20 feet away from Land point
    • Defender’s Land Point – Anywhere on the land area
    • Pull tokens to represent Soldiers & Peasants
    • At any time either leader can call hold and retreat units, surrendering the win
    • The Attacker can only send soldiers & hired mercenaries
    • The Defender can use peasants on the land
    • If there are peasants of Land, half retreat with soldiers & half go with victor
    • If Spies are on land, all are lost
    • Tally up leftover tokens and write down leftover units
  • Root out Spies
    • Double the power of info for a turn must have 2 spy points to glean secrets
  • Move Units Around
    • Place as many units and types going to any land you own
  • Build Defense
    • Place 3 extra Soldiers on a specific land land

4. Group Scenario

One scenario that all Warlords participate in to gain advantages. No units are lost outside this fight, unless otherwise stated.

5. Draw & Play Fate Cards

Each Warlord draws a fate card, then each plays out the scenario or follows the directions.

Units Costs and Stats

UnitsGold CostFight Style
Cannot transfer these units to other lands, cannot send the units to attack
3 piecesSingle 39″ or under blade
At step 1 take all soldiers & place them again
5 piecesFight with area bonuses and may use the group gear
Place 1 spy on the land of your choosing
10 piecesSingle dagger