Swordsman Ceremony


A swordsman’s ceremony is performed whenever a fencer has completed all of the lessons in the Training Manual. The Novice will rise to the rank of Swordsman and have the right to wear the Order of the Rose uniform: a black tabard.


  1. A Loaner Tabard
  2. The Company Sword


All swordsman should be invited to bring and wear their tabards. Any special people the upcoming swordsman wishes to be present should also be invited to attend.

The ceremony should take place during closing announcements or at other appropriate times to allow the group to participate in the ceremony. 

Before beginning, the upcoming swordsman should select someone they would like to bestow their tabard upon them. This should be someone of personal significance, but if none are found, the honor will fall upon one of the Master Swordsman.


Swordsman Ceremony

Call forth person to come and stand

Address the group about what a swordsman is and does, as follows:

  • They have learned and mastered the basics of dueling and melee
  • They are ready to take on their own style & find new techniques  
  • They are ready to share their knowledge to others in the group
  • They can be called upon to help assist the group
  • They may now wear the uniform and fight as a member of the team

Ask if they still wish this honor:


  1. Ask recipient to kneel 
  2. Ask if there are any who would vouch for them
  3. Bestow the tabard upon them
  4. Have them place hand on blade
  5. The Oath
    1. I ___________ / pledge my word / to uphold the company honor / to give my loyalty & support / and to defend the name of the company. / I will follow the appointed leaders / and fight for the company with a ready sword / for as long as the company remains honorable & just / in both name & deed.
  6. Place sword on shoulder
  7. Give rank
    1. I, Captain ____________, now grants you. ____________ , the rank of Swordsman in the company of The Order of the Rose.
  8. “For our newest swordsman, “Vevot!” (x3).  Joyous noise.”


  1. Small speech, thank recipient for commitment to the group, have them return to their seat