Getting Started with BAND

After a successful BETA Test to look over BAND, we’ve decided to open it up for more members to jump on and get involved in this new way online.

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How to Use/Install Discord

In this article, I will go over with steps and pictures of how to install Discord onto a PC, as well as some features that you need to know about! That way you can be confident on joining us for future Fencing Conferences and other things that will appear in Discord!

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How to Post to the Website

Posting to the website is a great way to share your thoughts and stories with the group. We hope everyone will take the time to learn how to post to the website.

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How to Use the Scenario Planner

Ever had an idea for a scenario, but wasn’t quite sure on all the details? Maybe you know the details, but haven’t thought of a critical piece that makes up every scenario? Follow our How to Use the Scenario Planner Guide to start developing and submitting your own scenarios for future practices.

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