Getting Started with BAND

After a successful BETA Test to look over BAND, we’ve decided to open it up for more members to jump on and get involved in this new way online. We hope that this move to BAND will provide a more efficient and enjoyable experience of staying connected and up to date with everything going on in Terrasylvae! If you want to get access to BAND, talk to a group leader when you’re at practice next!

Getting Started Guide for Members

Check out the helpful guide to get started and run through the basics of BAND*. The guide will cover all the things you might want to know to get involved as soon as you join.

*the guide may vary slightly from what you see in BAND.

How You Can Help Out

Taking on the responsibility of a group and making sure things are running smoothly can take a lot of time and sometimes be stressful. Give your group leaders a break by helping them out. Here are a couple of ways you can help them below!

1. Engage with the Group content
By engaging in the things posted, you are helping group leaders and encouraging other members to participate.

You can help by commenting on posts that are published, leaving a Shout on a post, and liking comments you agree with.

You can also do something as simple as participate in polls, sign-ups, or RSVP’s that your group leaders post. All it takes is one tap!

2. Set up your Notifications
Group leaders post important information which they want members to view quickly in case it’s timely.

Check your notification settings, both in-app and under your device settings to make sure your settings allow you to be alerted by posts, and comments you get tagged in.

Best Notification Settings for Members

Some things may appear different since this video was released.