Week 3: Acts of Gratitude


Accomplish at least 6 of the following listed activities by the end of the week.

Complete a random act of kindness: Do something kind for someone else today.

Tip: It doesn’t have to be big or small, just a “random” act of kindness to someone you know or a complete stranger. Additionally, there is no reason to stop at one act of kindness if you find more opportunities.

Compliment a fellow fencer: Say something nice to a fellow fencer.

Tip: Boosting people up is a core ideal of Terrasylvae and something we can do even when we’re not at practice. Be genuine and honest with your compliments and strive to be specific instead of generic.

Give a specific “thank you” to someone in the group: Thank someone in the group for something specific you appreciate.

Tip: We all have people in our lives who have helped us that don’t even know the impact they’ve made on us. Take this opportunity to thank someone for influencing your life for the better.

Thank an Officer who served this year: Officers were Kane, Ul’vade, Shay, Veron, Don, Draco, Evanlyn, Ladrona, Ja’ika, Miren, & Tsyng. You could also thank the Master Swordsmen: Damian & Rhiannon

Tip: Taking the time to say thank you to an Officer or Master Swordsmen who sacrificed on your behalf through service is a great way of showing a grateful spirit during this time of year.

Read Shay’s Attitude article on the website: After reading Shay’s Attitude article, record your thoughts or comment.

Tip: Attitude is one of our Four Levels of Importance: the things we hold most dear. Take some time thinking about your attitude after reading Shay’s thoughts and then write them down.

Tell someone why you love Fencing/Terrasylvae: Share your love of Fencing/Terrasylvae with someone. Bonus points if you don’t know them.

Tip: All good things in this world should be shared and Terrasylvae is no different. Express your love of fencing or Terrasylvae to someone and perhaps they might be interested in learning more. If not, no worries!

Share a helpful TED talk in the Garrison: Post a link to a TED talk you have found helpful to the Garrison.

Tip: There seems to be a TED talk for almost every occasion. We would love to know which ones have taught you, inspired you, or helped you in the Garrison.

Invite someone to train with you: Coordinate a time to train with another fencer.

Tip: Finally, reach out to another fencer and schedule a time to get together and train. It can be a time to discuss and train your mentality or you can research/ask for training exercises you can do with or without gear. Either way, find some time to train with another fencer or fencers!

When you have completed any of the activities listed above, feel free to share your thoughts and finding on the Garrison. Hopefully, we can all discuss and learn from one another as we try to be Winter Warriors!