Week 4: Publish Your Writing on the Website


Accomplish at least 6 of the following listed activities by the end of the week.

Read 2 or 3 examples of writing others have posted: Go to the Blog and read a few stories others have written.

Tip: There have been a lot of fun stories written so far. Some are multi-part epics while others are simple one offs. Take a few minutes and read through a few.

Decide if you are writing a journal entry or Terrasylvan Lore: A journal entry is a non-story article. A lore entry is a story about your persona. Click links for examples.

Tip: The real determining factor is if you want to write a fictional story or not. If it’s a story set in the world of Terrasylvae, this will be a lore entry. If it’s just something you want to talk about or fencing related, it will be a journal entry.

Brainstorm your story: Write down as many ideas as you can of what you want to write about.

Tip: Coming up with a bunch of ideas will help you choose the one that you like best. If you’re thinking about a lore entry, talk with some of the members who have been in the group longer and see if there are any details you should know about.

Develop a rough draft: Create a rough draft of your piece. Don’t worry about getting it perfect.

Tip: A rough draft is just getting your general thoughts out on paper. It doesn’t have to be formatted correctly, typed beautifully, or make a lot of sense. All it needs to do is give a rough idea of what it will become.

Share it with a friend for edits: Ask a friend to edit you piece and give constructive feedback/edits.

Tip: Getting feedback from a friend will give you a better story overall. They will see things you missed and give you cool ideas you’ve never even considered.

Contact Kane for a personal journal page (if needed): Ask Kane to design a personalized journal page just for you, if needed.

Tip: Every person who posts to the website needs a unique personalized page. It helps organize visually who is writing what and keeps the website tidy.

Type/Submit your story on the website for edits: Follow these directions to submit your story on the website.

Tip: Once you make an account and actually start writing on the website, it’s a fairly straight forward process. It’s quick to learn and once you’re done, your piece will go through a final edit/proofread process before it’s published.

Share your published work on the Facebook Group: Post a link to the Facebook group and show off your finished piece.

Tip: Finally, after all that hard work, you should share what you’ve written with others. People will be able to read what you’ve written, learn more about you, and even get inspired to write their own piece which just makes Terrasylvae a more vibrant community.

When you have completed any of the activities listed above, feel free to share your thoughts and finding on the Garrison. Hopefully, we can all discuss and learn from one another as we try to be Winter Warriors!