Where do I get Gear?

Below is a growing list of recommended sites and resources to aid you in your search of gear. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll try to hunt something down for you.

Note: If you are unsure about any purchase, always ask an Officer or other experienced member in the group.


Zen Warrior Armory – Zen Warrior offers great products at a great price for those just getting into the sport. When perusing for a sword, make sure that you are selecting options marked with Rapier options.

Castille Armory – Castille Armory offers a variety of weapon styles and specializes in custom work. They have a great Economy line and a Build your Own Rapier tool. This can really give you some ideas when you’re trying to decide on what look you want.

Darkwood Armory – Darkwood’s weapons may be expensive, but they are probably the finest weapons available. They offer a historical experience when it comes to sword fighting.


Winter Tree Crafts – We only recommend one type of gorget and those come from Winter Tree Craft. They are well-made and designed to keep every fighter safe.

Fencing Masks

Blue Gauntlet – Blue Gauntlet is our basic model fencing mask. It’s a great start mask without any frills and thrills. They are very durable.

Absolute Fencing – A step up in quality, but also in price, You can also look for masks with a removable liner to allow for easy washing.


Rubber Trainers – A rubber trainer can either give you an interesting toy to place with or can give you a tool to learn with while you save up for something more expensive.

Purple Heart Armory – Offering a wide variety of trainers and other gear at a good price, you might just find something exciting to add your to your kit. They also have a great Deal of the Day that is worth checking often.