Winter Warrior Challenge: Week 7

The challenge for this week is focused on the Foundational Pillar of Safety, and it will be a physical challenge.

Safety is our first priority in fencing. We all want to go home happy, healthy, and whole after a great night of fighting and camaraderie. This weeks challenge will help us do that, and it’s easy because it’s a check list. Some of the items on the list might not apply to you, but please make sure to complete all those that do so that you are safe, and we can all go home happy, healthy, and whole.

Safety Challenge

  • Gather and check all your gear
  • Mend holes
  • Replace buttons
  • Buy new gloves if you need to
  • Check tips on all your blades
  • Re-tape tips
  • File off burrs
  • Sword erase your blades
  • Oil your blades
  • Make sure you have a suitable fencing vest
  • Check your sides for general repair and safety, fix if necessary
  • If you don’t have gear make a plan to buy your next piece

If you don’t have access to the tools you need to accomplish any of these items, please contact me or come to Masters School this week. I will have the sword care kit there and you are welcome to use it.

Short and sweet this week, but easy to complete. Have fun!

I believe in you Winter Warriors! Shaky Tail!

2 thoughts on “Winter Warrior Challenge: Week 7”

  1. Black and orange, obviously. I cover mine entirely in black and then I do a vertical strip of orange over the left edge, going up and over to the other side.

  2. I also cover my tip entirely in black but then I put a sky blue stripe on it that spirals up to the tip.

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