Woodland War 2019 – Lord of the Rings Edition

In this year’s Woodland War, we experienced the Lord of the Rings and followed the journey of the Fellowship as they quested to destroy the One Ring!

Battles Fought

  • Fellowship of the Ring
    • Battle of Weathertop
    • West Gate of Moria when the Watcher in the Water attacks!
    • Defending Balin’s Tomb
    • Flight to the Bridge of Khazad-Dum
    • Battle of Amon Hen
  • The Two Towers
    • Ambush on the Edge of Fangorn
    • Healing of Theoden in Edoras
    • The Last March of the Ents
    • The Battle of Helm’s Deep (held on Friday)
  • The Return of the King
    • The Loss of Osgiliath
    • Shelob’s Lair
    • The Battle of Pelennor Fields (Reserved for a future Friday Practice)
    • The Battle at the Black Gates

Woodland Cup

During the Easterling Grill, we held our annual Woodland Cup. In an epic finale of Renald and Edward, Edward emerged victorious! Details of the tournament will be forthcoming.

Video Playlist

A playlist of several fights throughout Woodland War!

Stories from Woodland War

Shay’s Top 10 Favorite Moments

  1. Being with all you awesome people that I love!
  2. Being Shay-lob
  3. Paper Rock Scissors with Tilly
  4. Easterling Grill! So yummy!
  5. Orcs unlimited lives on the run to the bridge of Khazad-Dum. And Gandalf vs. The Balrog.
  6. The officer’s quick set up and tip fixing and taping frenzy this morning. So quick, so capable. Seriously you guys are the best!
  7. Waking up in the middle of the night smiling and excited for the rest of war like a kid anticipating Christmas!
  8. Ul’vade’s miracle sword returning to him! Huzzah! Pic below.
  9. Damian Azure ‘s last stand as he was devoured by Fangorn Forest
  10. Helm’s Deep: being a defender in the Hornburg in the second wall of swords as we kept the Orc Hoard back for more than 10 min. Wave after wave!


1 thought on “Woodland War 2019 – Lord of the Rings Edition”

  1. Easterling Grill! Yum! Me and Shenu as Merry and Pippin trying to escape into Fangorn forest. Defending the Hornburg. So awesome. Healing King Theoden/Laddie as Gandalf in the Hall of Edoras. Seeing Gambit, Trista, and baby Gray, the newest member of Terra Sylvae: The Next Generation.

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